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The PCO is currently working on the details of this competition, and we will be notifying violin teachers in our area as soon as possible when we are ready to accept applications.  The information below is an approximation of the intentions of this competition, but please be aware that the date, structure and eligibility are still under discussion.  Thank you for your patience.

PCO Violin Competition

                                          General Information

1.  Any violin student living in Spartanburg County is eligible to compete.  Students will compete
     by age, in four categories:  Elementary (up to age 9), Intermediate (10-12), Junior (13-15), and
     Senior (16-18).  Dates and
 locations TBA.

2.  Students are not obligated to memorize their pieces, but memorization will be considered as
     a competitive advantage in the  judges' evaluation.

3.   Students must play with an accompanist for any piece that requires it; accompanists will be 
      provided for this competition, for a small fee, or students may bring their own accompanist.
4.   Minimum and maximum time limits will be strictly observed.  Cuts in accompaniments are 

5.  Competitors must provide judges with one copy of each piece they will perform.   Music must
     be an original copy, with measure numbers clearly marked in the music for judges to read. 

6.  Students may choose the order in which they perform their pieces.

7.  First place ties may be allowed at the judges' discretion, in which case the prize money will be
     divided.  Judges may also award one or two honorable mentions.

8.  Winners and honorable mention recipients will be announced on the day of the competition,       and publicly honored at the final PCO concert 
     in June.  

                 Elementary winner $50  *  Junior winner $200  *  Senior winner $500

                                                                             Repertoire requirements

Elementary - 2 pieces, up to 10 minutes total

Junior - 2 or 3 pieces from at least 2 different historical periods, 8-15 minutes; sonatas, sonatinas, and concertos are 


Senior - 2 to 4 pieces from at least 2 different historical periods, 10-20 minutes; a concerto movement is required.  

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